Michele Quan designs and sculpts handmade ceramic art & objects for the home and garden. The pieces become a canvas for her love of drawing, painting, text and color. Many of the objects and images are rooted in the visual symbols of Eastern iconography- their meaning and beauty of which she is continuously in awe. 

Alongside the ceramic collection, ‘The Eye, The Sun, The Moon and The Stars’, is a capsule collection of silver and 18K Gold jewelry. Eyes & stars radiate with painted and engraved lines. Crescent moons and stars sparkle with white glaze or translucent white and opaque rosecut diamonds- earthy tones of brown, yellow or grey. Turquoise reflects ‘The ocean in the sky’.

‘Sometimes when you look at the sky, it can cut straight to the bone and this moment is what I attempt to convey. My hope is that my work both serve as objects of contemplation to inspire reverence and as a source of encouragement and refuge’

Ceramic forms are built by hand, wheel thrown in stoneware or porcelain and all images are painted by hand. Other materials used include hand-dyed cotton, hemp rope and reclaimed wood. Jewelry is made of recycled sterling silver or 18K Gold, hand-finished and set with ethically sourced Rosecut Diamonds and Turquoise, strung with Sandalwood, Turquoise and Antique Coral. All work is made in NYC.

Originally from Vancouver Canada, Michele moved to New York City in 1984 to study graphic design & photography at Parsons School of Design. Her time at Parsons was short but sparked her interest in symbolism, literature & ideology. Prior to embarking on her current medium of clay, she was a bartender, waitress, model & and for 12 years a jeweler. Her ceramic work continues an ongoing pursuit to bring visual form to the thread that connects us with the experience of the world in which we live. Michele works out of her studio in Brooklyn and lives in NYC with her husband, daughter and dog, Sparrow.